Dean Clayton T. Woo, C.P.A., Inc.

Quality: We have always offered the best tax and business services available anywhere and we guarantee it! Everyone deserves to have professionally, accurately prepared taxes and organized, high quality business and payroll services.

Value: We provide all the resources of a large firm with the personal attention, and more affordable prices, of a local business. We believe in offering our services in an affordable manner to every hard working taxpayer and business owner.

Personalized: Your payroll, bookkeeping and taxes can be prepared using the latest technology. However, for those of you that prefer the 'good old fashioned way', we offer manual entry also. We will take the time to research specific situations in order to give sound advice and interpretation. Confidentiality is always assured, no access to your records is ever granted without prior approval. We care about your company because we've been there and survived. We are a small business.

Reliable: We deliver on time…it's that simple."Committed to maximizing your disposable income" is the philosophy at Dean Clayton T. Woo, C.P.A., Inc. Backed by 29 years of industry tax, bookkeeping and payroll experience, Dean Clayton T. Woo, C.P.A., Inc. is directed by President and CEO, Dean Woo.